Into the Woods

I see her standing there in a state of wild fear and bewilderment, every muscled fiber of her body was tensed ready to flee. There was a familiar scent in the air, it was colored with the imagery of wooded plains and summer heat that was conjured in my mind. The glossy silver of her coat reflected the dappled sunlight streaming through the canopy. With an arrow notched, I was aiming and ready. This animal was merely existing outside of my range, I had chased it for many a month and yet I could not bring myself to stoop so low. I, her death, had finally come for her and alas I knew today was not the day. She embodied all that I had ever wanted and the memories of times long past. I could not end her. I slouch down between the roots of an old oak and agonize over my decision. A whistling caught my attention in time to see another’s arrow fall short of where she was standing and like an explosion, she was gone away. I stare off wistfully in the direction she had gone and realized that it was never meant to be. She was something to be admired from afar with pure intentions; the second your heart truly wavers, she will be gone. Let your heart stay pure and your wonders many.


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