“You Are My Everything.”

I have learned that I cannot be your everything. I cannot be anyone’s everything; because if I am your everything, what happens to me? Relationships have periods of time in which the amount of effort for each party differs. It isn’t always 50/50, it can be 80/20 or 100/0 at times. This doesn’t make it wrong. It becomes a problem when the percentages don’t fluctuate. You cannot spend your entire relationship manufacturing the other’s happiness or motivation. However if you get into the situation where you make your partner your world, you force the other party to either let you fall or hold you up constantly. I was stuck in a position where I had to manufacture another person’s world every day. If I took a day off; my partner wouldn’t eat healthy (unless his parents cooked it, but he is 30) and typically just wait. It’s like my presence was the only thing keeping his routine on track. I cannot do that again.


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