Good Riddance

In response to the ever lovely Daily Blog

Sadly nothing is permanent, each life is about the length of a grain of rice in comparison to eternity. Very few people have the ability that will last past the fourth or fifth generation. So, what we stain onto skin hardly seems close to permanent. However, today’s post is inquiring what I would mark onto my skin. Since I have no great accomplishments or children, I would be left picking from things that are important to my life now. I would most likely get a white ink tattoo. The absence of color on the base tone of my skin would make the fact that it is tinted a light mix of yellow and beige stand out. I am proud of my Filipino American heritage even though I take after my father and have blanched features compared to the rest of my family. The white ink will also most likely show up like scars, that way my other scars from where the doctors removed my portacath won’t look out of place anymore. A pattern of torn antiquated lace would flow from the edge of my collar bone down to the middle of my forearm on my right side. Both the color and the placement I have carefully thought out. My arm can easily be covered for work purposes and the color is unobtrusive. The lace pattern would cover the exterior portion of my arm due to the sensitivity of the interior section of  my elbow and be have the edges of the lace be tattered to represent struggles that have worn me down, yet it should still be whole to show there is so much farther I can go. So I guess the real question is whether or not I shall actually ink it? Not anytime soon if ever would be the answer to that.


5 thoughts on “Good Riddance

  1. You should get one of a turtle swimming away!

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