Beauty and Reality

Let the rain fall. So much in life goes  unnoticed for its lack of aesthetics. The simple way freckles dot someone’s face like a skilled painter had dedicated hours to the canvas. The way the setting sun back lights the silhouette of trees turning the sky into a partially hidden blaze. An act of companionship that brings two people together that radiates with the care that they have for each other. And not just the plain things, there is beauty everywhere. A pattern of scars on someone’s wrist, a tale of strength with a moment of weakness. Warm salty tears are a release from the ocean of sorrow. Even the ugliest of things lead to a brighter tomorrow if we allow it to be so. The only real thing that restricts a person is themselves. So allow the future to be possible. Strive to push yourself farther than you have gone before. Set reasonable goals and achieve them. Love yourself for all it is worth, because no one will ever be able to love you as much as you can learn to love yourself. Let it all be free, you are the cage and to be able to fly is only on you. The sky has no bounds, nor do you have to reach the same bounds as everyone else. Do what truly makes you happy for there is so little time on this Earth. Make the best of now, because your future starts today.


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