Oneirophrenia 0.1

The pounding of the blood through his veins was almost literally driving him insane. Everything was bright, too bright as the burning scent of antiseptic flooded his consciousness with white hot memories. Each new one burned like a glass of hard liquor, not like he’d let it show on his face however. Hospitals almost scared him with their potential, just a breeding ground for an epidemic. The last time he’d been in one was…

A nurse appeared from a door that lead to the inner workings of the hospital. She was flustered with her uniform obviously creasing and her ponytail askew. Looking around the room she said,”Mr. Arrowsmith? Right this way sir.”

Panic and nausea didn’t hinder my progression as he rose to follow her to a room. Once she shut the door, his mind flew into a frenzy. All my doubts and confusion swirled around and settled to reveal an unnerving calm. The objective. With every breath, every second that passed reconfirmed that he had to get her back. She needed to break free.

Her, all the memories of her were intensified by the time they were apart. The way she would give him that little sideways smirk after every quirky remark, the sleepy look in her eyes when she first woke up, the way the sun illuminated her hair and left a trail of freckles for him to trace. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with her. She stayed as caring and as nurturing even after the change had happened. He hoped her strength would hold out for just a little longer.


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